Add a Background Image

(NOTE: This doesn't work in all browsers. Works on IE and FF2, but not in FF3)

Who said you cannot have nice coloured backgrounds on your wiki page?

Yes, you can add an image background to your pages

1. You will need to prepare the picture you want for the background and make sure it is resized to the actual size.
2. Click 'insert image' button and upload your image to wikispaces. Do not place it on your page.
3. Click the 'embed widget' button, click 'Other HTML' and paste in the following html.
<script language="javascript">
document.getElementById("content_view").style.background = "url('') center center no-repeat fixed;";
4. You will now need to edit the html a little.
5. Change the url to your own wiki url - I used mine but you will need to substitue it for your own.
6. Change the image tag at the end of the url to your own image tag - mine was called sky.png. You will need to substitute it with the name of your own image.
7. Make sure you keep the rest of the url the same - i.e. '/space/showimage/' stays the same.

Now you have made a great background for your page.
If you want a solid colour background all you need is a solid coloured image - make one in photoshop or any photo manipulation programme (or take a screenshot on a Mac).